Celebrate with Online Confetti

 Made it to 2021!!  If you are still teaching remotely or just starting to teach remotely, student engagement can be a challenge.  One easy way to mix things up is with Online Confetti.  Online Confetti is an easy Chrome Extension that will spray confetti across your screen when you hit the extension or the keyboard shortcut, Control/Command + B.   Here's how to get started.

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and install the following Chrome Extension, Confetti!  Confetti all over...What else?
  2. Once installed, you'll notice the following icon among your Chrome Extensions
  3.  That's it!  Press the icon or Control/Command + B and Confetti will splash across your screen.  
It won't work on EVERY website but works on most!  It has been a fun way to add a little celebration to remote teaching.