How to Create a Meme in Google Slides

Google Slides is so versatile within GSuite for Education. It is so much more than a presentation too. I gave the first iteration of my popular Google Slides presentation, Beyond the Presentation: Creative and Innovative Uses for Google Slides way back in 2015 at a district-wide professional learning session. It has evolved some since then and creating Memes is a great introduction into the versatility of Google Slides.

Creating a Meme in Google Slides with your students allows you to introduce various capabilities of Google Slides that can then be applied in different projects. Skills such as resizing the canvas, searching and adding images (along with a digital citizenship discussion regarding copyright, resizing images, adding text, the fill tool and so much more are introduced while making a Meme in Google Sldies.  

My YouTube Channel has a popular video from 2015 with the steps to Create a Meme but it doesn't contain any audio and has the older GAFE interface. So I decided to update it for 2020 with some clearer oral instructions and captions of course as I show you how to create a meme in Google Slides.

Memes can be applied in so many subject areas and classrooms. I've seen them applied to classroom rules, historical subjects, book studies, personal reflections, and so much more. How will use them in 20-21?