Oliver Sheets Week

Oliver Sheets Week on blue background with Green Sheets Icon

The idea for Oliver Sheets Week was created during the time of distance learning. I love Google Sheets and use it A LOT to organize data and information for my team. They asked for me to teach them what I knew and Oliver Sheets Week was born back in April. And of course, I needed to create a cool graphic inspired from the Discovery Channel Shark Week. 

Oliver Sheets Week was a 5-day series aimed to improve teacher productivity and efficiency by increasing knowledge and skill around Google Spreadsheets in short 30 minute online sessions. Day 1 occurred on a Monday which meant I had the weekend to prepare and create a companion tutorial available on YouTube for later viewing. Days 2-5 didn't have companion YouTube tutorials due to the demands of distance learning. Now with Summer officially begun and staying safe at home, I'm happy to report that Oliver Sheets Week Playlist (embedded at bottom of post) is now available on YouTube. And, I am actually posting to the blog for the first time in almost two years!

Interested in learning more? Here is an outline of skills and topics covered each day. Each video has a sample spreadsheet linked in the description to copy to follow along with the video tutorials.

Day 1: Exploring the Shallow Waters of Sheets

  • Freeze Columns, Sort Data, Average Formula, Insert Row and Column, Copy Formulas, Changing Number Format, Conditional Formatting, Tabs, Renaming Tabs, Adding Color to Tabs, Duplicate Tabs

Day 2: Mail Merge Data into Google Doc

  • Tutorial on how to use the Google Sheets Add-on Autocrat to merge Sheet Data into a Google Doc. This method is useful if needing to create form letters or in this instance, highly structured report card comments.

Day 3: Headed to the Deep End. More Tips & Tricks

  • Split Columns, Combine Data using Concatenate Formula, Hide Columns, Using Data Verification, Using Filters, Creating a Filter View

Day 4: How to Create Personalized Student Certificates using Autocrat

  • Tutorial on how to use the Google Sheets Add-on Autocrat to merge Sheet Data onto a custom Google Slide Certificate, creating personalized student certificates.

Day 5: Query Formula

  • The Query Formula explained and how to modify to meet your needs.