#Sketch50: Capturing the Process

Sketch 50 written in different colors inside banner with Back to Basics in manuscript font
#Sketch50 begins anew with the 2.0 edition. I participated last year as part of my #CreateEveryDay goal and experimented with different mediums along the way. Here's my 2017 #Sketch50 album.

So far in 2018, I have continued to create every day and have been wanting to find another means to capture the creation process besides posting completed creations to Instagram. With the #Sketch50 focusing on process over pretty this year along with the "Five in Five" format, it seems like a great chance to experiment with capturing my analog creation process.

Below is my first attempt at capturing my process with the weekly theme of Back to Basics. I plan on continuing documenting my 5-minute sketches and speeding them up into a one minute clip. I figure by the end of #Sketch50 with the repeated practice, I'll have a better handle on lighting, angles, and setting while also continuing to nurture my creative habits.