Google Drawing: Digitize Original Art

Recently, I was working on a CreativeBug class on using Photoshop and Illustrator to Digitize Art and create patterns. It occurred to me how Google Drawing could be used to do something similar by creating a vector image of original artwork.

I opened a blank Google Drawing, inserted an image of a lily watercolor I did over the summer.

Single Lily Flower with 2 green leaves and 2 blooms

Then, I began using the polyline tool to create a vector drawing of the flower. I used the Color Pick Eyedropper Extension to match the colors.  The colors could be further enhanced if I paid more attention to lighting when taking the original picture.

Vector Drawing of Single Lily Flower on Left, Watercolor of same Lily Flower on Right

Then, I grouped the different images and proceeded to shrink down my original image to create a repeated pattern and changed the background color.

repeating pattern of small lily flowers on a pink background

I can imagine using this method in the classroom as a means to remix and repurpose student artwork. 

As I continue to explore various Adobe Creative Cloud Apps in my free time, I'm constantly reminded how many parallels exist between Google Drawing and these industry standard creation apps. Students versed in media creation using Google Drawing are well-prepared to extend their creative practice using Adobe Creative Cloud Apps.