Digital Directed Draw: Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey with three different color tail feathers
In celebration of Thanksgiving, here's another digital directed draw that culminates with a Turkey and students learning different tips and tricks with Google Drawing along the way.

Here's how to create a turkey:
  1. Go to > New > More > Google Drawings
  2. Change Canvas Size (Optional): File > Page Set-up > Choose your desired size.
  3. Change Back Ground Color (Optional): Right Click on canvas > Background > Choose desired background color.  The default background color is transparent with the checkerboard pattern.  I prefer a white background while I'm creating within Google Drawing and then may change to a different color or make transparent when complete.
    Background highlighted with many different colors displayed
  4. Create the Basic Structure of the Tail Feathers with the Block Arc Tool 
  5. Shape Tool Menu highlighted with Block arc tool

  6. Duplicate and Layer the Tail Feathers. Tips: Select image > Option (Mac) or Control (PC/Chromebook) and Drag copy of image to desired spot. 
    Three block arc layers with brownish colors layers on top of each other

  7. Using Circle Tools, Draw Body, Head, and Eyes.  Tip: I recommend drawing the eyes off canvas and then drag onto the drawing.
    Turkey image on the left and circle shape on the right
  8.  Give your Turkey a Beak, and a Wattle, Snood, and/or Caruncle.  I recommend drawing off canvas and place on the drawing.   Tip: Move image 5 px at a time using the arrow keys or use Shift + Arrows to move 1 px at a time for even more control.
    Turkey without any legs
  9. Use the polyline tool to create a closed shape for the legs.  Tip: Double-click on the polyline shape to reveal the purple nodes. Move the purple nodes to achieve your desired shape.
    polyline tool highlighted  purple nodes around the right leg
  10. Explore and Play!  Create a rafter of turkeys.  Create a background for your turkey(s).
    5 turkeys of different sizes and looking in different directions
If your students enjoy this digital direct draw, they may enjoy some more directed draws!