A Year of Creating Every Day

art collage with elephant, night sky, calf, hydrangea flower, the number 5 walking a tightrope, east coach beach dunes, blue ball jar and cherry blossom tree on a book page.
My Choices for 2017 Best Nine
 My One Word for 2017 was Create. I am proud that I have maintained and cultivated the habit of creating every day and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Through this daily creative practice, I learned a lot of different lessons.

A daily creative practice improves mood. There were only maybe three days throughout the year where this daily create commitment felt like a chore and those were usually related to illness. The last thing on my mind following let's say a painful oral surgery procedure was creating. Inevitably following a quick sketch or painting, I always felt a bit better.

For me, doing something creative with my hands helps focus my mind and eliminates distractions. Whether it's painting, lettering, drawing, or some creative programming with my Raspberry Pi, the creative act is a learning process that provides clarity and increased focus in this age of increasing distraction. This is why making time for creativity is so important. Unlike previous years, where creative pursuits fell away when I became busy, during 2017 it was creative pursuits that helped provide sanity and balance when things got busy.

Books: The Crossroads of Should & Must

The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow your Passion by Elle Luna caught my eye on a recent visit to the bookstore and it came home with me.  This book began as a blog post posted on Medium in 2014 that later evolved into a beautifully crafted book. The message is told through wonderful imagery, quotes, and text which inspired me to create the following sketchnote summary.  I am grateful for this book as I try to clarify and navigate shoulds and musts moving forward. I am also grateful that it inspired me to return to my original sources and inspiration for visual notetaking by sketching books.  What book is next?  Hmm...

text and doodles depicting the book Crossroads of Should and must

Digital Directed Draw: Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey with three different color tail feathers
In celebration of Thanksgiving, here's another digital directed draw that culminates with a Turkey and students learning different tips and tricks with Google Drawing along the way.

Here's how to create a turkey:
  1. Go to drive.google.com > New > More > Google Drawings
  2. Change Canvas Size (Optional): File > Page Set-up > Choose your desired size.
  3. Change Back Ground Color (Optional): Right Click on canvas > Background > Choose desired background color.  The default background color is transparent with the checkerboard pattern.  I prefer a white background while I'm creating within Google Drawing and then may change to a different color or make transparent when complete.

Google Drawing: Digitize Original Art

Recently, I was working on a CreativeBug class on using Photoshop and Illustrator to Digitize Art and create patterns. It occurred to me how Google Drawing could be used to do something similar by creating a vector image of original artwork.

I opened a blank Google Drawing, inserted an image of a lily watercolor I did over the summer.

Single Lily Flower with 2 green leaves and 2 blooms

Then, I began using the polyline tool to create a vector drawing of the flower. I used the Color Pick Eyedropper Extension to match the colors.  The colors could be further enhanced if I paid more attention to lighting when taking the original picture.

Vector Drawing of Single Lily Flower on Left, Watercolor of same Lily Flower on Right

One Word 2017

For 2017, my one word is create.  Whether that is experimenting with different materials and techniques, such as glitter paint and layering CMYK markers or creating less tangible things such as opportunities or learning pathways for others, I want creation to be my focus.