3 Months of Daily Drawing

31 Days of July Pattern Motifs
As July comes to an end it marks 3 months of daily drawing exercises. So far, it's been a remarkable experience and has transformed into a daily habit that provides a much-needed creative break. The focus in July has been on pattern motifs using watercolor brush pens on index cards. I love the versatility of these pens as well as the ease of using index cards that can double as post cards. I plan on using these techniques to create personalized thank you cards in the future.

Not only has the daily drawing practice provided a great diversion, I've found that it also promotes creativity and flexibility in my drawing. Recently, I got my first iPad and have been experimenting with digital sketchnotes. So far, the jury is out as to whether or not I prefer the digital medium over pen and paper when capturing my thinking visually, especially during live events. One thing I know for sure is that incorporating a daily drawing practice has expanded my visual vocabulary. It has helped me become more fluid in my drawing and designs, both analog and digital. And it's fun and relaxing!

The daily challenge for August focuses on Art Journaling which I know nothing about...yet. With school starting back up again soon, I am looking forward to 31 days filled with opportunities to learn and create each and every day.