Google Drawing: Vector Portraits

Maggie Vector Portrait 
Maggie Vector Portrait
 I continue to be amazed at what is possible with Google Drawing. This evening, I was playing around with making Thinglink-ish inspired hotspots using Google Drawings. This post has nothing to do with that skill. Why? Because as often happens when one goes to YouTube to find out how to do something, I got distracted by the possibility of using Google drawing to create create vector portraits. Intrigued by the style of vector drawings, I have been exploring Inkscape recently. But I wasn't experiencing a lot of success using this program because it has so many options that it was overwhelming. So when I saw the possibility of using Google Draw, I knew I had to immediately try it. Being my impatient self, I only watched a portion of two videos and then dove right in. What you see is my first attempt at a vector portrait using Google Drawing.  

Original Photo of Maggie
Lessons Learned:  
1) I should probably watch more of the tutorial videos, instead of just the first 30-45 seconds. I was not using the best drawing tool. I used the curved line tool and the polyline tool would have allowed me to edit the shapes and create a more cohesive look.
2) I did this by tracing. I inserted the photo of Maggie and then traced shapes on top of it. This was the method demonstrated by ptrsnja in Doodle Yourself in Google Drawing. Next time, I want to try the trace and drag method shown in Joshua Pomeroy's Vector Portrait in Google Drawing tutorial. This method would have provided me more feedback on the process to gauge my drawing against my original photo.

Overall, I am excited to uncover another application for Google Drawing. My obsession with this tool only continues to grow. I look forward to applying this method to other images and trying different approaches.