Finish/Starting Line

Today I graduated from my Administrative Credential Program after 9 months of every other Saturday, weekly online chats, countless papers, and countless hours spent on my leadership project.

Before a small panel of educational leaders, I presented my leadership project as the final requirement of the program. Then, I had an hour between when I finished my presentation and the ceremony. What did I do during this hour? Since I just returned from CUE Rockstar Chico, I created a short Google Drawing and YouTube animation while I waited. I imagine this is what any Rockstar would do, right? Actually, the creation process is quite therapeutic with its visual nature and routine nature of keystrokes. Just what I needed after a long week.

Even though this experience feels very much like crossing a finish line given the commitment and stamina it took over the last nine months, it really is a starting line. Besides the obvious credential I gained from the program that opens up more employment opportunities, the learning is really only just the beginning. The knowledge, skills, mindsets, and relationships I have gained through this experience serves as a foundation for leadership that provides a starting point in which to further my learning and growth.