Connected Learning and WIIFM

Week 6 of Share #YourEduStory asks "What is Connected Learning and WIIFM?" To help answer this question, I had to first google WIIFM. Education and Special Education in particular are an alphabet soup of acronyms and this was one that had escaped my notice. Now that I know that WIIFM stands for What's in it for me I have a starting point.

Connected learning creates bridges between interests, academics, and one another. It is the learner who is actively constructing and deconstructing those bridges and determining where it leads. This continuous process IS the learning and has the greatest effect on growth. Additionally, connected learning is social and promotes ongoing conversations which help generate and refine ideas, questions, and those a-ha moments. Passion guides this process along with ongoing reflection.

Connected Learning. What's in if for me? A lot! I can't imagine learning any other way.