#YourEduStory: I ♡ Teachers

What's the best think I do in my district? That's easy. I get the honor of working with teachers who constantly inspire me.  Since they rarely brag about their accomplishments, I am going to summarize their awesomeness just from our interactions last week!

I have the pleasure of working with talented and dedicated teachers who are:
  • Starting afterschool robotics programs where the student excitement is infectious
  • Exploring flipped instruction in math to provide opportunites for real-life application during classtime
  • Starting off the quarter, piloting a completely standards-based gradebook for the first time
  • Rethinking Language Arts curriculum from a social justice perspective to promote student voice within thier community
  • Advocating for students to be known as their unique individual selves rather than a disability label
  • Providing Project-Based Learning Opportunities to Students to increase access and engagement
  • Collaborating with their Grade-level to improve student outcomes
  • Creating cross-district teacher-led professional learning in math
  • Integrating technology-based formative assessment practices into secondary classrooms
  • Providing amazing ideas for Common Core professional learning for families, paraeducators, and our substitute teachers
This is just a glimpse of the awesome things teachers are doing for students on a daily basis. I am constantly inspired by conversations with our teachers and their deep commitment towards student well-being and learning, while engaging in continuous learning themselves, and doing all this with a sense of humor and maintaining perpspective on what's really important.

That's the best thing I do in my district position as an instructional coach. I am privileged to work with a great group of teachers who are doing amazing things for kids everyday. I hope to convince more and more of them begin sharing their EduStories!