One Word

I have never been one for New Year's resolutions but #oneword is appealing in its simplicity.  The first word that came to mind was discover. Discover is active. It has a sense of adventure that can take many forms. It conveys a sense of pursuing the unknown. These are all things that I can identify with life-long learning and I can visualize spending 2015 discovering many new things.

But, before settling on discover as my 2015 #oneword, I was curious of its etymology. Discover comes from the Latin word cooperire with dis- expressing the opposite. Discooperire in its original use means to uncover, disclose, lay bare, expose. Uncover paints a picture of something already being there and my role is to go and find it.  Look behind the curtain so to speak. I want to spend 2015 asking, "Why?" and challenge myself to look for the deeper meaning to achieve greater understanding. Also within this Latin definition, I am drawn to the vulnerability conveyed in the words disclose and expose. It is not enough to go through this process of discovery without sharing. Learning is a constant exchange and refinement and negotiation of ideas. Without exposing or laying bare one's ideas, triumphs, and failures to discover is incomplete. Though it wasn't exactly planned out this way, I feel fortunate that I began this blog at the end of 2014 because it will provide a venue to disclose my discoveries in 2015.  As I discover, I aspire to uncover new things while also exposing myself to new ideas and learning.