Magical School Culture

Sketchnotes from SCOE Leadership Class
 CPSEL #3 Management & Learning Environments
I'm working on my preliminary administrative credential this year through our county office. Every other Saturday, I attend a day-long class and of course take notes visually.

Lately our classes and readings have focused on creating and maintaining a school culture to maximize learning. Hogwarts was brought up as an example of school culture. Imagine if our schools were more like Hogwarts! A place where students learn by doing, are able to take risks and make mistakes throughout the process all in the name of learning. And when the dark forces take over, making the school unsafe and Dumbledore makes the decision to close Hogwarts, students take charge of their learning and find real-world application of their skills. The learning environment fostered at Hogwarts under Dumbledore's leadership helped create independent learners and thinkers who were able apply their learning in creative and innovative ways to save the world from the dark forces. Isn't that the goal we want for all our students? To be creative thinkers prepared to make the world a better place? What if all our schools had leaders adept at creating such magical learning environments?